Sidekick is a new generation browser for a new working world. It interconnects all your web tools from messengers to collaboration apps to make you fast, organized, and productive. Sidekick is the first browser focused on productivity and doesn’t monetize your attention.


  • Served as an advisor for the Sidekick app, focusing on optimizing the onboarding process and operationalization within the product. Provided valuable insights and recommendations to enhance the user experience and drive user adoption.
  • Conducted a thorough audit of the application, assessing the user experience and user interface. Identified areas for improvement and provided actionable recommendations to enhance usability and accessibility.
  • Made specific recommendations to improve the accessibility and usability of the app, ensuring that it meets the needs of a diverse user base. Emphasized the importance of inclusive design practices and user-centric experiences.
  • Collaborated closely with the founder, product managers, and developers to understand the complexity of the recommendations and their implementation. Worked together to align the recommendations with the product vision and consider technical feasibility.




Product Design Consultant

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