Sequel.io is a company that provides a low-code solution for live video that enables brands to turn their websites into hubs for live engagement and engage their communities on their own websites. They allow marketing leaders at companies like Carta, HP, Mutiny, Userpilot and Comcast to easily host live events (webinars, hybrid, virtual & networking events) directly on their website for an integrated branded experience and an increase in website conversion by 300%.


  • Acted as an advisor for Sequel app and website, with a specific focus on leveraging AI for event management, video recording, and transcription. Provided guidance and strategic insights to optimize the user experience and interface using new user experience patterns.
  • Conducted a comprehensive audit of the application, evaluating the user experience and user interface. Identified areas for improvement and provided specific recommendations to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Made targeted recommendations on how to effectively integrate artificial intelligence applications into the user interface and experience, leveraging AI capabilities to improve functionality and efficiency.
  • Mentored the team on various aspects including hiring, design systems, and effective strategies. Shared expertise and insights to help the team build a strong foundation, streamline processes, and achieve design goals.


Marketing Operations


Product Design Consultant

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