Prisma Cloud is a cloud security and compliance platform that secures applications and infrastructure across hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud native environments. It provides visibility, threat detection, vulnerability management, compliance monitoring, and runtime defense for cloud resources and workloads.


  • Led the User Experience Design team for Prisma Cloud Network Security (CSPM, Microsegmentation, NGFW, etc.), overseeing the design strategy and ensuring a seamless user experience across the product.
  • Led the internal redesign of Prisma Cloud’s core platform information architecture (IA) and user interface (UI), including module enablement, activation, and onboarding. Implemented design improvements to enhance user engagement and streamline workflows.
  • Took charge of designing and managing the PANW Component Library in Figma, which was utilized by 5+ teams and 40+ designers. Acted as the point of contact for the development team, ensuring consistent design implementation and efficient collaboration.
  • Supported the design, development, and documentation of the PANW Design System, establishing guidelines and best practices to maintain design consistency and scalability across multiple products and teams.
  • Conducted competitor and customer research, facilitated user interviews, and designed and prototyped both current and conceptual features. Carried out various design operations responsibilities to contribute to the overall design process and success of the product.

Prisma Cloud



Product Design Lead

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